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He Said She Said is Australia's leading content consultancy, powering the industry's most effective content strategies. We bring together brands, technology, data and science to design persuasive stories and conversations.

What We Do

Stories create memories, values, culture and experiences. Stories matter.

He Said She Said develops brand story strategies for internal and external communications, acquistion and retention.

We use a proprietary, research-based methodology to develop engaging and effective core solutions.

We consider all platforms and channels: digital, visual, experiential, physical, wearable and experimental.

We develop enduring narratives and captivating campaign content to mesh your brand's values and beliefs with those of your customers.



One: Brands are stories that exist in the minds of humans. We believe that the way to deliver the greatest branded content is to combine your brand with great original stories.

Two: Find the stories people want to be told, or be ignored. We pinpoint those stories which align with and enhance your brand. Personal, meaningful, measurable stories.

Three: Tell your story where, when and how it's supposed to be told. Create content for your customer's pathway to purchase and unleash your story into its most powerful form.



He Said She Said has created or designed award-winning content strategies for a wide range of leading brands.

Along with creating whole of business content strategy for partners to implement, we have created award winning teams for print, digtial, social, mobile and broadcast TV projects.

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